​Carson Wentz Gave TD Ball to Eagles Fan Mike Trout

We have a budding bromance in Philadelphia.

by Dave Brown
Jan 2 2017, 7:39pm

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and Angels slugger Mike Trout might be transforming into the preeminent sports power couple of 2017. Wentz and Trout have what they call a budding bromance. Evidence? Reporters covering Wentz reported this past week that he and Trout, the reigning AL MVP, recently went waterfowl hunting in New Jersey, Trout's home state. An avowed Eagles fan, Trout recently bought new shoes for the players on his favorite team, who happened to beat the Dallas Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. Trout was in attendance, and after Wentz scored a touchdown, he presented Trout with a trophy: a TD Ball.

Let's get another look at that greeting:

More power in that hand slap than Carl Weathers and Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Predator."

And after the Eagles won, Trout retweeted this shade:

True, if only for a Sunday! Trout's attraction to Philly sports and its personalities goes way back to before his own fame. Trout has said that, as a 17-year-old, he traveled to the 2008 Phillies-Tampa Bay Rays World Series just to sit in the parking lot at Citizens Bank Park with a pal and listen to Phils broadcaster Harry Kalas call a game. This is a hard-core sports fan, particularly Philly sports, in addition to being the best baseball player on the planet.

Trout is under contract with the Angels until 2020, so the Phillies (or, as is more likely, the Yankees) still have a few years to wait for his services to become available. Trout still won't have reached age 30 by then, so he's looking at the biggest contract ever, probably. Just remember to give him all of the money and present him with the best way possible to enjoy Philadelphia-area sports.

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