High School Football Players Exposes Himself in Team Photo Prank, Faces 69 Misdemeanor Charges

A prank goes too far and now a high school senior faces the not-so-nice consequences.

by Sean Newell
May 4 2016, 5:01pm

A senior football player in Mesa, Arizona says he was dared to pull off a prank during his team photo that somehow made it past every single person involved and all the way into the school yearbook and thousands of game day programs during the season. Hunter Osborn exposed part of his genitals while posing for the team picture and now he will face 69 misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, one for each member of the team present for the photo.

Police were only made aware of the picture on Saturday, after it appeared in some 3400 yearbooks and someone finally spotted it and said something. They authorities contacted him and interviewed him, at which point he said he was "disgusted" with himself, but acknowledged that he "knowingly exposed the top of his penis through the top of the waistband of his football uniform pants during the photo session."

Osborn was later released, but not before he was fitted with a monitoring device. He may have to register himself as a sex offender.

Meanwhile, the school and school district have released the same statement everyone releases when something embarrassing happens:

The school and district are conducting an investigation to determine what actions might have prevented the publication of the photograph, so appropriate safeguards can be put in place going forward.

I'm sure the Mesa community is very relieved to hear that Red Mountain High School is sorry it missed the exposed penis in this photograph, but is doing everything possible to figure out how, and to also put procedures in place to make sure it does not miss exposed portions-of-penises in the future.