Washington Capitals' T.J. Oshie is the Cirque Du Soleil of Puck Jugglers

The Tiger Woods of hockey, except without all that, y'know.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Oct 16 2015, 8:50pm

T.J. Oshie apparently has mad, mad, mad skills. Juggling a puck when you have control of it to begin with is one thing. But when some dude just throws it to you from the stands? And then you catch it!? That's just pure insanity.

Oshie, a Washington Capitals wing, apparently is no stranger to bewitching the puck. The Washington Post dug up a couple of videos—including this one from when Oshie was the fifth member of Green Day—that show that the dude basically owns this trick of pulling the puck down out of thin air.

Hard to know just how much that translates to scoring. But one goal in three games ain't too too bad for the recently-traded Oshie. Puck it up, Oshie. Puck it up.