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Being Frank: Peru, Part 1

In the first half of Being Frank's Peru adventure, The Franks introduce viewers to Virgilio Martinez and Gastón Acurio, two of Latin America's best chefs.

by The Franks
Oct 14 2014, 3:22pm

In the first half of this two-parter in Peru, The Franks introduce viewers to chefs Virgilio Martinez and Gastón Acurio. After dining at the bastion of Acurio's international, 40-restaurant empire (Astrid & Gastón), our guys dive for their dinner with the chef de cuisine, Diego Muñoz.

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On a boat, this T-Pain-less trio cooks ceviche before backtracking to Lima with Martinez—owner of the nation's top-ranked restaurant (Central, which was also named the #15 Restaurant in the World), who only found food after shoulder injuries snuffed out his pro skateboarding career.

Jonesing for Martinez's signature dish, Cushuro—a plant reminiscent of "mountain-water tapioca" and foraged from Andean swamp-land—Being Frank ascends 13,000 feet to Lake Coricocha to handpick some of nature's most toothsome bacteria.

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