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Here’s a Pretty Convincing Darth Vader Made Out of Sex Toys

Meet Darth Vibrader.

by Rachel Pick
Jul 25 2015, 11:30am

Fortune favors the brave, the bold, the men and women who don't ask "Why?" but rather "Why not?" And lo, some of these men and women have built a life-size Darth Vader out of sex toys.

In a promotional video for a content-meets-porn site called WoodRocket (don't Google), adult film star Kayla-Jane Danger (also don't Google) drops three grand on vibrators, strapons, paddles, anal beads, and of course, batteries.

Kayla-Jane is accompanied by a special effects artist and a WoodRocket employee, and the (clothed) trio set about building their "Darth Vibrader," in a fun montage set to some kickin' jazz.

Now, Darth isn't entirely made of phalluses—the group uses a black plastic mannequin as their base. But they ended up using over 300 sex toys as it is, and the end result is still pretty impressive.

As Kayla-Jane reminds us, "may the force be in you."