Is Drake 4 Days Early to His Coachella Set Because His Apple Watch Doesn't Work?

A conspiracy theory.

Apr 10 2015, 3:30pm

Screengrab: ​Instagram

Here's Aubrey Drake Graham ​hanging out in a giant empty field Thursday afternoon in Indio, California. Notice that there are no screaming fans, no flower crowns, no drunk bros, no face paint. Drake is very, very early for his Sunday night set at Coachella; he has no one to talk to save for some groundskeepers. Is it his Apple Watch Edition's fault?

Quite conspicuously wrapped around his wrist is what appears to be the not-yet-released ​$17,000 timepiece of the future. And Drake has it today! Always early, that one. Thing is, ​according to The Verge, the Apple Edition watches are not turned on yet (at least in Paris).

"I couldn't actually use the watches because the Editions are not functional," Amar Toor, who went shopping for one in Paris, wrote this morning. "Instead, they play a demo loop and will remain like that once the watches go on sale later this month. (The cheaper models are live.)"

So, is Drake's nonfunctioning Apple Edition watch the reason he was roughly 100 hours early for his headlining set Sunday night? It's hard to be 100 percent positive, so let's see what other celebrities are doing with their watches.

Pharrell showed off his Apple Edition watch three days ago. ​He also appears to have been led to a random field somewhere, perhaps by Mickey Mouse's NON-MOVING arms. I am not convinced by that video that his watch is, indeed, functioning. Pharrell did manage to make it to his spot as a judge on The Voice on time, so maybe all our celebrities are going to be extremely early for their engagements? It's hard to say!

As for Drake, while he's waiting for Coachella to start, I suggest he takes a run in that matching OVO sweatsuit he's got on. I have asked Apple's press team if, in fact, the Apple Watch Edition tells time from the future (i.e. time that has not happened yet) and have asked if American Edition watches have been activated. We will update if we hear back.