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Play Duck Hunt Using Twitter And High-Powered Nerf Guns

Philadelphia’s Neiman Labs revive a classic game, trading in the old Zapper for something a little more heavy duty.

by Abdullah Saeed
Sep 20 2012, 8:26pm

While video games have grown into hyper-realistic filmic adventures in awesomeness over the last couple of decades, you can always find a couple of purists who return to the classics—the simplicity of 8-bit graphics, a single button, and a static visual environment. That description may not sound as cool, but consider the amazing games that fall in this category. Example: Duck Hunt.

Ah, there’s that nostalgic haze glistening in your eye. Now you remember how great the old days of NES were. The guys at Neiman Labs have always known, and a couple of days ago they revived Duck Hunt with a little bit of added modern flare. Since you can’t possibly improve on the simple gameplay, Neiman Labs augmented it so that anyone could play it from anywhere. This is Tweet To Shoot, and the instructions are right in the title.

By including the hashtag #TweetToShoot in a tweet, any user could fire a shot off at a screen set up in the Neiman Labs office. But this isn’t old school Zapper firepower. They rigged up a Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 with an Arduino Uno that’s triggered by the hashtag. The handle of any user that lets one fly shows up on the virtual scoreboard.

But why go to all this trouble? As Neiman Labs puts it, “The possibilities of physical and digital convergence go well beyond the face value of this experiment. We're merely just scratching the surface of potential that microcontrollers and relay switches can provide.” Good lord. Are they saying they’re going to do Pac-Man next?

[via: PSFK]


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