Intimate Photos of a Woman Transitioning in Her Mid-40s

Photographer Jessie Edwards Thomas documents a three-month period in one woman's transition.

by Jessie Edwards Thomas
Dec 14 2015, 4:20pm

All photos by Jessie Edwards Thomas

Jennifer is in her mid-40s and has just started living as a woman in Bristol, UK, not quite full-time yet. Before she started transitioning, she was my boss for a year; she took me under her wing, always treated me fairly, and really appreciated my work.

When Jennifer started coming out to her friends, I was humbled that she trusted me enough to tell me about her transition—and that she also asked me to document it. The following images are from our collaborative book, Jennifer. They depict a three-month period at the beginning of Jennifer's transition, published as a series of portraits accompanied by her own words. Hopefully the ongoing work will give viewers an insight into the struggles and joy of accepting oneself: beyond gender, beyond the physical, beyond the image.

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