Here's Dave Chappelle as Emcee, Thundercat on Bass, and Robert Glasper Doing Everything

Thundercat's Irving Plaza show last night went somewhere fun.
March 4, 2017, 4:08pm

Thundercat's third studio album, Drunk, came out last week. It features some brilliant and unexpected collaborations from artists like Flying Lotus (!), Kamasi Washington (!!), Kendrick Lamar (!!!), and Kenny Loggins (?). Last night, per The Fader, the bass virtuouso brought out two more special guests for an extended jam: legendary comedian Dave Chappelle, and jazz pianist/legitimate genius Robert Glasper.

"Ladies and gentlemen: on stage tonight is the musical virtuosos," Chappelle said with Glasper and Thundercat behind him. "They spent hours and hours of their life practicing their craft, and tonight we get to enjoy the sum total of their work. Make some noise for your band." Glasper moves around from piano to drums because he can do that whenever he damn well pleases, Thundercat dives around the fretboard, and Dave Chappelle just hangs out, sips his drink, and talks to the bassman while he solos.

Check out the videos below.

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