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Listen to A$AP Rocky’s Remix of Frank Ocean’s Just-Released “Chanel”

It interrupted the seemingly infinite loop on last night's 'Blonded' radio.

by Alex Robert Ross
Mar 11 2017, 5:26pm

It's still difficult to tell what Frank Ocean's Blonded radio show is exactly. On the first episode, Ocean handed the reins over to guest DJs and didn't really appear on the show at all. This week, we had a new Ocean track, "Chanel." It played 18 times in a row.

There was deviation hidden in the middle of all those loops, though. About 45 minutes in, A$AP Rocky showed up on the track with his own verse; it came through just once more in the remaining fifteen minutes. So, in case you were entirely hypnotized by the repetition of Frank's melodies, listen to A$AP Rocky's remix of "Chanel" below. His verse comes in around the 3:40 mark.

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