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Pour One Out: Macaulay Culkin’s Band The Pizza Underground Has Disbanded

How can I possibly cope with this news?

by Mayukh Sen
Jan 23 2018, 8:30pm

Photo via Noisey

The bad news keeps coming. After a glorious five-year run, Macaulay Culkin’s The Pizza Underground, a pizza-themed Velvet Underground parody band, has come to an end. I, personally, am crestfallen.

The former child thespian, now 37, went on Marc Maron’s “WTF” podcast on Monday and revealed that the band had broken up. “It was a lark that we did,” he told Maron candidly. “We did, like, an open mic thing and then we did another thing and then recorded something in my living room ... and then just put it online and then kind of, like, forgot about it.”

But he’d grown tired of the band in recent years, he claimed to Maron, so he decided that the Pizza Underground would be no more, adding that he’s “very casual about everything I pursue.” (Culkin's publicists did not respond to immediate request for comment from MUNCHIES on Tuesday confirming the band's demise.)

It’s especially dispiriting news when you consider that the band has been teasing us with a full-length, never-released album for nearly two years. The band has had quite a run since its genesis in 2013, when Culkin cryptically uploaded a video of himself eating a slice of pizza. Move over, Werner Herzog and your damn shoe.

I know what you’re thinking: How can I possibly cope with this news? It’s tough, I know. You could take the obvious route by reacquainting yourself with the band’s tiny oeuvre. Theirs was a fine discography, regardless of size.

Take a Bite of the Wild Slice.” “All the Pizza Parties.” "Pizza Morning." All bangers. Not a stinker in the bunch.

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Honestly, though? I recommend cozying up to a personal pie while you watch Home Alone. After all, it is, fundamentally, a pizza movie.