Welcome to Broadly Play: Personal Mixtapes from Your Favorite Artists

Introducing our new music series, where we'll be collaborating with some of the realest people in the industry to curate playlists.

by Kat Aileen & Keenan MacWilliam
Nov 15 2016, 7:09pm

Art by Kat Aileen

This week we launch Broadly Play, a new music program in which we highlight some of our favorite female artists, immersing ourselves in their worlds and asking them to share playlists of the music that drives and inspires them.

For millions of people throughout the country, last week was an absolute disaster, and this one isn't any better: Our new president-elect is a man whose campaign was built on racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and prejudice. What is happening is impossible to forgive and ignore, but we want to continue to move forward with our fists up. In that spirit, for our first Broadly Play, we've put together a playlist that speaks to the spirit of rebellion and hope we'll need to hold onto to get through this looming Trump presidency. Kat's G-funk vibes and Keenan's lyrically rich picks come together, serving some music To All the Girls looking for some healing.

Over the course of this week we'll be releasing our first batch of collaborations with women from across the globe—everything from disco funk to London grime—because we know you'll want more and we're gonna give it to you.

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