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Romanian Church Leader Blesses Radio and TV Station with Paint-Roller "Sanctification Rod"

Patriarch Daniel employs the holy roller, which uncannily resembles something you'd use to paint a room, to anoint hard-to-reach spaces.

by Jordan Larson
Jun 17 2014, 4:50pm

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Patriarch Daniel, leader of the Romanian Orthodox Church, unveiled a new blessing technique at his inauguration of a church-owned radio and television station last Monday, blessing the facilities with a holy water paint-roller.

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The leader carried out a traditional Orthodox blessing service before whipping out the “sanctification rod.” According to a church spokesman who spoke with Romanian news outlet Adevarul, Patriarch Daniel has previously employed the sanctification rod to anoint hard-to-reach spaces.

Considered a modernizer by church members and leaders when he was elected in 2007, Patriarch Daniel has a history of commercial development within the church. He established Trinitas Radio in 1996 and Trinitas Television in 2007, both of which have since developed into large-scale enterprises. Trinitas Radio covers about 85 percent of Romanian territory, according to the church’s news site.

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