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The Knife Definitely Broke Up but Here They Are Doing Weird Stuff Again

Creepiest promo videos in the game.

by Phil Witmer
Aug 10 2017, 5:45pm

Swedish synthpop auteurs the Knife broke up in 2014 after releasing their willfully abrasive and passionately angry double-album Shaking the Habitual the year before. They've been nearly totally silent since then, but if LCD Soundsystem has taught us anything, it's that indie dance acts never truly go away. As Pitchfork reports, a minute-long video clip has been posted to the Knife's still-active official page on Facebook, which has also undergone an update to its display pic and cover video.

In typical Knife fashion, it's extremely unsettling and maybe about boning. Notably, a Venetian bird mask, like the ones the duo used to wear in press photos, is among the "ingredients" chopped up and blended. The music is not new by the way, it's "Networking" from 2013. This flurry of activity could mean a full-on reunion, it could be promoting a greatest hits album (lol), or the Knife is doing another opera about Charles Darwin or whoever. Let's get guessing!

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