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Murder, Mayhem, and Meditation

We talk to Trixie about what life is like for a transgender woman in prison.

by تجربة
Jul 3 2014, 8:23pm


Vice News traveled to Salinas Valley State Prison, a level four correctional facility that houses some of the worst criminals in California, to produce the documentary, "Murder, Mayhem, and Meditation". In prison, under the constant rule of the gangs it's very difficult to get people to talk candidly. But there's one place in the prison where people who debrief, or drop out of the gangs, are sent where they are protected from retribution by the gangs. On the SNY, or sensitive needs yard, we met Trixie, a former shot caller who had ordered hits on multiple inmates, and through the process of dropping out of the gang discovered a lot of new things about herself.

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