'The Boondocks' Is Returning With Two Seasons and a Special On HBO Max

The reboot, coming in fall 2020, will dive into the Trump-era culture wars head on.

by Taylor Hosking
Sep 18 2019, 5:57pm

Getty Images / Stephen Shugerman 

Everyone's favorite tell-it-like-it-is kids are returning to TV. HBO announced Wednesday that The Boondocks is coming back in the fall of 2020 for two new seasons and a 50-minute special that will air on HBO Max. There's no word whether or not Regina King will be returning to voice the Freeman brothers, but show creator Aaron McGruder is returning to helm the project with Sony Pictures Animation, after departing ahead of the show's fourth season on Adult Swim.

The reboot will dive into the Trump-era culture wars head on. Neighborhood racist Uncle Ruckus has become an overbearing local politician in the Freeman's new Maryland suburb. Life has become a serious struggle for the family, but of course the OGs of woke culture aren't going down without a fight. "It’s crazy how different the times we live in are now–both politically and culturally–more than a decade past since the original series and two decades past the original newspaper comic," McGruder said in the press release. "There’s a lot to say and it should be fun.”

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