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Drake Headlines Wireless Festival After DJ Khaled Falls Through Last-Minute

Khaled's "scheduling conflict," revealed a few hours before he was due to take the stage in London, gave Drake an opportunity to play some 'Scorpion' tracks live for the first time.

by Alex Robert Ross
Jul 9 2018, 9:06am

DJ Khaled was due to headline the last night of Wireless Festival in Finsbury Park, London, yesterday, but a "scheduling conflict," revealed by organizers at the last moment, prevented him from getting out of the swimming pool. It left Wireless searching for a headline-caliber act who would drop everything for the opportunity to stand outside a chicken shop on the Holloway Road for a couple of hours, loudly telling everyone he's about to "link up" with his "mans." Astonishingly, that search didn't last long:

Drake only played for about 20 minutes, bringing out Giggs for "KMT," performing his BlocBoy JB collaboration "Look Alive," and rolling through Scorpion hits "Nonstop," "I'm Upset," "God's Plan," and "Nice For What." In an apparent attempt to shift the blame away from Khaled, whose Snapchat videos made it seem as though he just wanted his vacation to last longer, Wireless tweeted after the show that they'd known about Khaled's potential conflicts "for a few months."

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