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French Montana Tells Desus and Mero About Being a Bowling Prodigy

The rapper visited the VICELAND show to talk about how he won his first ever bowling game on ESPN.

by Sarah Bellman
Jun 16 2017, 12:57pm

Back in 2015, ESPN aired a celebrity bowling tournament before the Super Bowl. While many of the contestants were bowling experts, one of the players, French Montana, was a total and complete novice. However, he ended up sweeping the competition and winning the game even though it was his first time seriously playing. On Thursday's episode of Desus & Mero, the rapper recounted the story to the hosts.

"That day was a phenomenal day, bro, because I never played bowling," he said. "I walked in, I'm thinking it was just a little party, and they're like 'suit up,' and I'm like, 'For what?'" he recalled. Miraculously, he won.

In the digital exclusive extended cut above, the hip-hop artist also discusses getting through Ramadan, living in the Bronx, and building a hospital in Uganda.

You can watch Thursday night's Desus & Mero for free online now, and be sure to catch new episodes weeknights at 11 PM on VICELAND.

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