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Chance The Rapper Backs Colin Kaepernick on ESPN

"He's another person that believes black lives matter and is sort of being punished for it," Chance said on SC6.

by Alex Robert Ross
Aug 26 2017, 5:24pm

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Domestic abuser and undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather will fight casual racist and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas tonight in what will amount to a farce for professional fighting and another, previously unimaginable nadir for America as a spectacle.

Chance The Rapper, like hundreds of thousands of other people, is in Vegas for the fight, and yesterday evening he joined Michael Smith and Jemele Hill—both huge Chance fans—on ESPN's SC6. He was there to talk about the fight, and he praised Mayweather's "confidence" and "gall." But the focus was on Chance's t-shirt, which depicted NFL quarter-back Colin Kaepernick on one knee with a raised fist silhouetted behind his head. Kaepernick—who is better than many of the scrubs backing up NFL teams this season, but drew the ire of mentally constipated, fourth-rate hot take havers because he respectfully drew attention to white supremacy and police brutality in America—is still unemployed.

"He's another person that believes black lives matter and is sort of being punished for it," Chance said. "So yeah man, this might be the only sport I watch for a second. I might start boycotting all sports unless you guys give my guy what he deserves, which is a chance at his own livelihood, and a podium to speak his mind and speak for people that don't have voices."

"Kaep, we rockin' with you," he continued. "I hope this becomes some sort of meme or something, because niggas need to be talking about this."

Go forth and meme.

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