Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman Have the Exact Same Joey Votto Story

The two comedy stars gushed about Votto acknowledging them at ballgames.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jun 1 2018, 9:05pm

Photos by Robert Deustch, Jennifer Stewart, and David Kohl—USA TODAY Sports

The legend of Joey Votto isn't lost on the likes of David Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld. The two comedic titans got together for Letterman's new Netflix series and went on a full two minute tangent about their love for the Cincinnati Reds first baseman, known for his occasional villainy and deadpan humor.

So what had the two twilight-aged comedians so giddy? Well, it's mostly that Joey Votto said "hi" to them:

Letterman describes going to a Reds game and witnessing Votto interrupt his batting routine to say "thanks for coming" to him. Which is just a sweet thing to do, all around. Very unvillain-like. This all sounds like a tidy little anecdote, and is fun by itself, but the truly insane part is that Seinfeld also had an anecdote about Votto saying "hi Jerry" to him. What can you say? The man's got a taste for comedy.

And just in case you think he couldn't deliver a punchline himself:

I think what C. Trent Rosecrans might be missing here is that regardless of how funny the concept of Votto mistaking Letterman for his limo driver is, Votto is just trolling with some elite Seinfeld references. "Cartwright" should ring a bell:

Yup, that's right: Votto just nabbed the last laugh on his comedic heroes.

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