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Man Impersonates the Prime Minister of Morocco to Get Into Fully Booked Restaurant

With 2.5 million visitors currently in Russia for the World Cup, getting restaurant reservations is a competitive sport.

by Jelisa Castrodale
Jun 22 2018, 6:30pm

The current Prime Minister of Morocco is Saadeddine Othmani, a 61-year old career politician who was appointed to his post last March. His predecessor, 63-year-old Salaheddine Mezouar, served as Prime Minister for almost four years before being replaced. Do you have any idea what either of these men look like? No? Neither did the staff at a restaurant in Russia.

A Twitter user named @Ihab. is currently in Russia for the World Cup… but so are an estimated 2.5 million other soccer supporters. He said that, when his dad called the Goodman Steak House for a reservation, he was told that the joint was fully booked. Several minutes later, he called back claiming to be the Prime Minister of Morocco and—surprise!—a table was suddenly available.

“We got the best table in the place,” Ihab. wrote. “And the chef [asked] him to sign a plate and take a pic w/ him.” He included a video, which showed his dad writing something that looked like “PM Morocco” on a giant piece of dinnerware before shaking hands with a member of the kitchen staff and posing for a photo.

Ihab. hasn’t shared any additional details about his dad’s finesse, but there’s a definite divide in his @-replies. Some commenters believe his dad should be celebrated as the genius that he clearly is, while others are appalled that anyone would pretend to be a head of state just to get a restaurant reservation. “This should had been a family memory, not something to be shared on social media,” one person responded, possibly after forgetting that family memories don’t even exist until they’re shared on social media.

Others pointed out that Dad looks absolutely nothing like the current Prime Minister, but does bear a slight resemblance to the former one. Regardless, the steakhouse down the street from my apartment better get a table ready, because “the President of Lithuania” is making a reservation for tonight.

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