Behold the LEGO Robot That Makes Breakfast

Building a better breakfast brick by brick.

by Wajeeh Maaz
May 8 2018, 2:48pm

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and putting the time and effort needed to nail the perfect bacon and eggs is tough when you’re barely awake on a Monday morning. Luckily for you, LEGO is here to save the day. YouTuber The Brick Wall, the mind behind projects like the LEGO Roomba and other ingenious LEGO creations, has built a breakfast machine that can prepare the bacon and eggs.

The machine itself, which is composed largely of an assortment of LEGO pieces, supplemented with a thermoplastic spatula, an IR receiver and some motors, is quite competent in its cooking abilities. As can be seen in the video, it’s able to move and carry the raw ingredients (including cracking and splitting a raw egg and disposing of the shells), fry them, and serve them up neatly. It can even season them with salt and pepper shakers!

The machine can make fried or scrambled eggs, and was made as a treat for the creator’s father. “My father cooks breakfast every Saturday and Sunday—it is 104 times a year! He deserved this present,” the creator wrote in a video description.

The hardest part, according to the creator, was stopping the robot from dropping the eggshells into the pan. “This is probably the most challenging project (I’ve done) so far,” they wrote. They elaborated on it further in the comments, saying “I spent almost a week working on the right mechanism.” The machine uses small metal blades to hold the shell in place, and during testing, the machine only dropped the egg shell one out of 11 times. I probably drop my eggs more often than that, so we could call that successful.

The machine uses some modified LEGO bricks as the brains of the operation—two Sbrick Plus (a brick that allows wireless control of other LEGO pieces from any smart device) and a BuWizz brick, which is an additional remote control module. Building something like this seems quite possible with some trial and error; so if you’re motivated enough, LEGO could be on its way to changing your breakfast game forever.