Winter Olympics

Four Winter Olympic Sports City-Dwellers Do Daily

Walking in New York City Is the real Winter Olympics.
February 23, 2018, 5:00am
Illustrations by Brian Blomerth

If you've been watching the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, you've seen many great feats of athleticism—and a few that seem, y'know, doable. For every snowboarder who can take home a gold medal after binging Netflix, there's a skier who barely slides across the finish line or doesn't make it at all. And don't even start with curling, the only sport with uniforms more interesting than the actual sport.

The games were thrown into harsh relief when a flurry hit New York City last weekend, plunging the boroughs into slippery street chaos. Watching a bobsled team zip down an ice slide isn't as thrilling when you've just slipped and luged down a Brooklyn slope on your ass. Surviving winter in New York is an Olympic feat in and of itself, and many of us have to figure it out through messy trial and error. There's no coach for navigating frozen subway tunnels.

Below, cartoonist Brian Blomerth visualizes the trials and tribulations of New York at its frostiest, imagining a world where New Yorkers get the recognition they deserve for their own icy achievements.

Black Ice Dancing

Food Cart Sledding

Fumbled-Phone Curling

Bobsled Traffic Ahead

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