Wes Anderson's Next Film Sounds Like a Wes Anderson Mad Lib

It's apparently a 1950s "musical comedy" set in an imaginary French city, because why not?

by Nicole Clark
Sep 20 2018, 9:54pm

Photo by Wendell Teodoro/WireImage.

Details surrounding Wes Anderson's new film have finally emerged, and it looks like the Isle of Dogs director has taken a page from Damien Chazelle's book. According to French paper Charente Libre, Anderson's next film will be a "musical comedy in the 1950s" shot in the small French town of Angoulême, though, true to form, the film will reportedly be in "an imaginary city."

"He fell in love with the old cobbled streets of the city center, and also the ramparts," a source told the paper.

It seemed fated that Anderson would direct a musical—in part because his soundtracks are so particular, and also because the pastiche of his filmmaking practically begs to be set to musical numbers. The twee masterpiece Moonrise Kingdom centered almost explicitly around music, and the second movement of Maurice Ravel's "String Quartet in F major" basically is the essence of The Royal Tenenbaums.

Other than that, we have almost no other details: just a vague ballpark of the budget (between $17.5-$23.5 million, the Libre reports) and the rather obsequious reveal that one of the film's stars, actor or actress, has won an Oscar in the last five years. We already checked—Bill Murray hasn't won an Oscar in the last five years, but knowing Wes Anderson, he'll probably be in the film anyway. There also isn't any news of who Anderson will have creating the music, but he has historically worked with music supervisor Randall Poster to create the soundtracks for his films.

Despite the lack of details, this already sounds like the most Wes Anderson movie to ever be directed by Wes Anderson.

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