How Old Are the Characters on 'Seinfeld' Supposed to Be?

An investigation.

by VICE Staff
Jan 2 2019, 6:03pm

Photo by Andrew Eccles/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

VICE's Allie Conti has been watching Seinfeld her entire life. In high school, she worked at an ice cream shop just so she could afford the DVD box sets of all nine seasons. Today, at 29 years old, she's still got the trivia skills to prove her super-fandom—and yet for everything she's retained about Seinfeld, there's one seemingly basic fact she realized she still doesn't know: How old are the characters supposed to be?

Allie is roughly approaching the age she always assumed the show's characters were, which is what made her realize that George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine still seem impossibly old. While you'd think Allie's question would be easy enough to answer, it turned out to be nearly impossible. On this episode of The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast, she takes us through her very serious investigation into the ages of everyone on the show.

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