We Conclude Our Four-Part Purge With The Surprising 'The First Purge'

Four movies into a horror series, things are usually pretty bleak. But in finally turning its attention to marginalized folk and their plight, 'The First Purge' comes away with a lot say.

Nov 28 2018, 11:08pm

Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

The First Purge is about the first purge, but it’s not actually the first Purge movie. It’s the fourth Purge movie, but set during the first purge in the Purge universe. Still following? No matter, Be Kind and Rewatch It is here to help. Writer/director James DeMonaco, who helmed the past three movies, only worked on the script for The First Purge, with Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands) stepping in—a refreshing shift the franchise has badly needed. As we close out our discussion of the Purge series, Austin, Patrick, Rob, Danielle, and Natalie gather to break down a franchise that surprised, delighted, and disappointed us.

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