Beyoncé at Target Is All of Us, Yet None of Us

Beyoncé showed us her take on the Target-run uniform of yoga pants and dingy college sweaters, and it will not surprise you that she made a few upgrades.

by Danielle Kwateng-Clark
Jan 8 2019, 5:42pm

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Coachella

Beyoncé Knowles Carter may be an international superstar, but that's not stopping her from making a Target run—while looking flawless.

In a photo captured by Monica Ventura (@monicaav30), the singer was spotted wearing an orange jumpsuit and sunglasses walking down the baby supply aisle of a Westwood, CA Target. For the mother of three, this is not a rare occurrence, as the singer has been spotted multiple times over the years in mega-chain stores, once buying $50 gift cards for people at a Tewksbury, MA Wal-Mart in 2013.

While it's unclear what she purchased, fans were ecstatic about her visit, even if they weren't at the location in person.

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Chrissy Teigen even jumped in on the chatter to plug her new knife collection, available at Target. "Beyonce you are so silly, I can just send you my new knives," she joked.

None of us know the time nor place when Queen Bey will next descend upon us mere mortals while shopping in a Target, but thanks to the example she set for Target fashion looks, we do know to dress more appropriately for the occasion, just in case.