Donald Glover Wants Your 'Sketchy Mom' to Help Him Make 'Atlanta' Season Two

Along with extras who can play "white trash types" and a handful of "VERY TAN caucasians to portray Floridians."

by Drew Schwartz
Sep 28 2017, 5:11pm

Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage/Getty Images

Atlanta's Golden Globe–winning first season was so good, FX gave Donald Glover carte blanche to do pretty much whatever he wants for the network from here on out. Lucky for us, he's not too busy raising his kid and playing Lando Calrissian to work on Atlanta's second season—which just started filming down in the Peach State, Atlanta Magazine reports.

And it looks like Atlanta is going some interesting places in the new season, according to a recently released casting call for the show. Glover's putting out some weirdly specific calls for extras, looking for a bunch of "white trash" types to do God knows what, as well as "VERY TAN caucasians to portray Floridians." He's also apparently looking for a "sketchy mom" in her 50s, who will be responsible for "cheering on someone getting beat up," whatever that means.

While we don't know how Atlanta plans to use those bougie interviewers or that gang of freewheeling white-trash folks, we do know where last season left us: It looks like Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry) might get a chance to go on tour—stopping off in Florida, maybe?—and that Earn (Glover) just earned a fat wad of cash. Odds are he'd try to lock down a place to live before blowing it on hiring an assistant, but hey—you never know. We'll have to wait until the second season premieres in 2018 to find out exactly what's going down.

If you or your mom feel like you have what it takes for a spot on the show, check out the CL Casting call to find out how to apply.

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