Kyle Seager and Chooch Play 'Who Can Name More Animals' Before Each Game

It's hard to tell what the rules are here, but the two Seattle Mariners both seem pretty serious about it.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Sep 27 2017, 8:27pm

Screen capture via Twitter/@MannyActa

Clubhouse antics have their rhythms: weird snacks, handshakes, superstitious ticks. But this pre-game ritual of "who can name more animals" between Kyle Seager and Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz is a really deep cut that came from God-knows-where. Regardless, it seems to have persisted enough that all of the Seattle Mariners are in on it, and thank God for that, it's tremendous.

There rules are iffy—such as whether the animal actually has to exist in the world—but they do appear to include remaining locked in a handshake the whole time:

Sure, there seems to be some rampant cheating going on here. Say, when Chooch rolls out "chupacabra," the mythical four-foot-tall "goat sucker." And if it's supposed to be done entirely en español, Seager definitely says "cheetah," which might sound like Spanish to the untrained ear, but the actual translation for the animal is "leopardo cazador." Not to mention the fact that both of them are saying shit like, "white horse," and "black bear"—and then "red bear" to get more points.

But apparently, accuracy isn't really a factor in this game. It's all about yelling the names of various animals as gallantly as possible. Choochacabra!

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