Omari Jabari's "Pipe Down" Is Vampire-Trap That Takes a Bite Out of Haters

The Toronto rapper's new single and video are a perfect summary of his off-kilter, dark, and absorbing musical style.
April 11, 2018, 7:09pm

Omari Jabari's Martyr EP was a dark and spiraling release that showcased the DSTRY-affiliated rapper and producer's burbling sing-song and taste for off-kilter beats. His new song is called "Pipe Down" and might be an even clearer statement of purpose than anything on that 2017 project.

The production is an optical illusion, a piano melody that doesn't seem to resolve to any home key. The bass lurches queasily. On this borderline experimental canvas, Jabari croaks and yelps about how his haters need to shut the fuck up and not tell him to do the same. He and the other DSTRY artists have referred to their sound as "vampire trap," and this song is probably its key example. Listen to "Pipe Down" above.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.