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Make This Delicious Version of Greek Pizza, Boston's Famously Mediocre Pie

This recipe for Boston’s famously average pan pizza borders on excellence, with a chewy edge of slightly burned cheese and a crisp bottom crust.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 18 2017, 7:00pm

Photo by Farideh Sadeghin.

It's a mystery why some regional foods are forever relegated to their own small section of the map: The Juicy Lucy, for example, or the Francesinha, or—until recently—Detroit-style pizza. All delicious. Then there are those local dishes whose mere existence is more of a mystery than the fact that they haven't really made it far from their home. The Greek pizza belongs to this latter category.

Greek pizza—ubiquitous around Greater Boston—is defined not by its toppings, but by its crust, which is oily and kinda chewy, thanks to the fact that it's cooked in a well-oiled circular pan, usually in a conveyer belt-style pizza oven. It's generally agreed upon that Greek pizza is mediocre at best, with a tastiness that is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol one has consumed.

But with proper tinkering, Greek pizza can be pretty great, and lucky for you, we've done the proper tinkering.

RECIPE: Greek Pizza

This version of Boston's most famously average dish borders on excellence, with a crisp edge of slightly burned cheese and an almost fried bottom crust.

At the very least, we can pretty much guarantee it's better than anything you'll find in Boston.