This D.C. hotel is pushing the boundaries of #resistance capitalism

"I don't actually think of it as a hotel; I think of it as a hotel-shaped Trojan horse"

by Evan McMorris-Santoro
Oct 28 2018, 2:10pm

The Eaton Workshop is Washington, D.C.'s newest hotel. But it's more than just a luxurious place to sleep. The plan is to create a progressive oasis in the nation's capital, where every dollar spent on the Eaton's signature Vegan Big Mac goes to supporting liberal causes.

Katherine Lo is the founder of the Eaton. She's a former campus radical. D.C. is just one of many locations she plans across the globe. It's a business, but she said it's also a movement.

Lo calls it a "Trojan Horse."

"You're using the capitalist model but then putting channeling some of that revenue into supporting these cultural and activist programs," she told VICE News.

Opening weekend was themed The Human Progress Festival. There were artists and activists and political talks. It was a progressive conference, all in the lap of luxury. VICE News stayed the night to explore the boundaries of #Resist capitalism.