The Best Things We Saw at the Toronto Raptors Parade

While our favorite thing was Marc Gasol’s, uh, exuberance, there was lots of joy to be found around Toronto.

by Mack Lamoureux
Jun 18 2019, 7:30pm

Photos via Tomas Urbina

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

The Raptors did it. They freakin' did it, and Toronto got to celebrate.

On Monday, the Toronto Raptors slowly made their way through millions of fans as Canada’s largest and best city cut loose. Minus one very bad incident, it was a remarkable day for the center of the universe, and a lousy day for productivity.

Fans came in from all over the greater Toronto area to pay homage to the first team outside of the United States of America to win the NBA championship. An estimated two million people lined Toronto streets from Princess Gates to Nathan Phillips Square as the players slowly made their way through the city atop buses. Kyle Lowry proudly showed off the NBA trophy, Boardman showed off his MVP trophy, Marc Gasol showed off his impressive alcohol tolerance, proud pappa Fred VanVleet showed off his daughter, and Drake showed off that he was invited.

Why don't you get us started, Serge?


Thanks buddy.

For the fans, well, the fan’s celebration styles were, like the fans of the team themselves, incredibly diverse. Here are some of our favorite clips and photos from the big day.

We had some Raps fans hanging of the dang roof of the CN tower to get a better view of the historic parade.

We had this shirtless maniac reliving the glory moments of Thursday nights party by climbing the arches of Nathan Phillips square.

He was soon joined by other maniacs—shirts on though.

There was this guy who channeled a Dumpster Raccoon—Toronto’s true mascot, sorry Drake–and climbed this pole.

There was this person who seemingly broke their house arrest by hitting up the parade.

Worth it.

And of course, the reason we were all there, the Raptors. Five touring buses carrying the players, led by Serge Ibaka and a "We the North" flag, parted the mass of celebrators like the Red Sea. In just one of the buses Kyle Lowry brandished off the NBA championship to the crowd, Drake smiled like a happy, happy boy... except when he looked emo, Kawhi went A Ha Ha HA Ha, and Fred VanVleet showed off his baby like it was the Lion King. Ahead of them Norm Powell chugged champagne and Danny Green showed off his massive mohawk and smoked a cigar.

It was pretty tippity top, champs all of them. But it was the veteran Marc Gasol, who was the parade’s MVP.






There were a few things outside of Gasol’s, uh, exuberance as well. We had Kawhi in a "Board Man Gets Paid" shirt rightfully saying he doesn’t think anybody went into work today.

The crowd chanting “one more year” at the star and Lowry correcting them by saying, “No! Five!“

The plant guy got to deliver his Kawhactus to Kawhi.


Then there was all this.

We got a taste of big dad energy from Vanvleet.

Danny Green is cooler than all of us. ALL OF US.

Jeremy Lin is a freakin’ NBA champ.

I repeat, Jeremy Lin is an NBA champion.

Drake was there because the mascot is just as important as the team.

Drake also reminded us that even though you have everything, sometimes… well, sometimes that’s not enough.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford got booed heavily and treated like an adoring fan with a bad stench by President of the Raptors Masai Ujiri.

Look at how many people skipped work.

Amazing. Thanks boys.

Kawhi, please stay...

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