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These Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs Are Just Gravy

Photographer Jessica Pettway and prop stylist Sara Schipani teamed up with artist Lyndsey Rae to create some eye-catching looks for turkey day.

by Jessica Pettway and Sara Schipani
Nov 27 2019, 1:51pm

Thanksgiving is kind of a weird holiday. Besides just developing an appetite or prepping political talking points to try on that one uncle, it's sometimes hard to feel particularly festive with Christmas just around the corner. But if you're looking to try out a new manicure before you meet your family, hold off before instinctively reaching for the green and red nail polish. It's not that time yet! Instead, stuff yourself with these incredible set pieces from photographer Jessica Pettway and prop stylist Sara Schipani, who teamed up with nail artist Lyndsey Rae to create the perfect vibe for your annual feast.