A Crime Unpunished: Bangladeshi Gang Rape (Extra Scene)

In this extra, VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid speaks with Sipra Goswami from legal aid organization BLAST about the culture of rape, and the stigma that surrounds victims in Bangladesh.

by VICE News
Nov 25 2014, 7:55pm

A recent UN report revealed that one in eight men in rural Bangladesh admit to having committed rape. Although it is a crime punishable by death, there are no accurate government figures for rape in Bangladesh, largely due to social stigma and a failure by local authorities to investigate alleged crimes.

VICE News correspondent Tania Rashid traveled to Sylhet and met with both perpetrators and victims of rape as well as local police to find out what is driving Bangladeshi men to rape and abuse women, and what steps the authorities are taking to put an end to it.

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