State troopers filmed pummeling motorist after car chase charged with assault

Prosecutors in New Hampshire have filed criminal charges against two police officers who were caught on camera punching a driver who surrendered peacefully.

by Reuters and VICE News
Jul 20 2016, 1:40pm

Image via AP/YouTube

Prosecutors in New Hampshire have charged two police officers with assault several weeks after the pair were captured on video repeatedly punching a driver who led them on a car chase across state lines.

New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph Foster announced Tuesday that his department has charged Massachusetts State Police officer Joseph Flynn, 32, and New Hampshire State Police trooper Andrew Monaco, 31, with simple assault over the incident, which occurred on May 11.

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Both officers are scheduled to be arraigned in September and have been released ahead of the hearing.

The car chase that sparked the violent episode began after police tried to stop a truck driven by Richard Simone, who had outstanding arrest warrants for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and larceny. Simone sped off and the ensuing pursuit took the truck and officers from Massachusetts to New Hampshire.

Video footage shot from a TV news helicopter captured the tail end of the chase, with Simone stopping the truck and officers carefully approaching the car with weapons drawn. Simone got out of the vehicle, dropped to his knees, and started to lay down. Two officers then rushed up and began pummeling him with their fists. Other officers could be seen holding Simone down and watching the beating.

Flynn has been suspended with pay, according to Massachusetts State Police. New Hampshire police said earlier in May that Monaco was on suspension without pay.

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