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We Asked People to Sum Up Their Worst Social Media Fail in Six Words

"Posted pic of daughter holding credit card."

by Anna Goldfarb
Oct 27 2017, 2:00pm

Using social media involves lots of embarrassing trial and error: inappropriate jokes, outrageous overshares, mixing up personal and professional accounts, accidentally interacting with dead people. Eventually you (hopefully) learn to be more cautious about tapping the "publish" button and to be more mindful about the words and images we share with the world. But these lessons are often learned the hard way. We asked friends and co-workers about their most cringeworthy social media fails. Here's what they said.

"Status accusing ex-boyfriend of having AIDS." - Katie, 26

"Was just myself on the internet." - Lauren, 25

"Signing up in the first place." - Jessie, 34

"Meant to DM that dick pic." - Terry, 27

"Liked Facebook post about friend's miscarriage." - Julie, 33

"Wrong link in Scalia death tweet." - Peter, 23

"Dragged Bon Iver, girlfriend loved him." - Harry, 31

"Posted pic showing nipples on Insta." - Lexie, 32

"Accepted friend request after person died." - Brielle, 25

"Shared pic of son in bathtub." - Kevin, 31

"Accidentally followed date's brother on Twitter." - Katie, 25

"Posted about Prince on work account." - Jill, 34

"Sent dominatrix inquiry to nanny agency." - Reagan, 37

"He knew I stalked his Instagram." - Sarah, 40

"Stupidly @ed person I was subtweeting." - April, 24

"Posted pic of daughter holding credit card." - Gina, 44

"Drunken name search became Facebook status." - Bonnie, 27

"Posted kitten photo to job's account." - Brielle, 25

"Wrote mascara review using job's Twitter." - Monica, 22

"Dramatic Facebook post about cheating ex." - Leo, 23

"Amy Winehouse died. Tweeted disrespectful joke." - Aviva, 39

"Wrote MySpace bulletin post announcing breakup." - Jenelle, 37

"Had Twitter fight with famous musician." - Pete, 34

"Posted bikini pic on LinkedIn accidentally." - Cherie, 32

"Accidentally friend requested my boyfriend's ex." - Mikaela, 27

"Clicked 'follow all' suggestion on Instagram." - Anna, 26

"Posted GOT spoiler. Mom unfollowed me." - Wendy, 29

"Complained about job on Twitter. Fired." - Paul, 32

"Posted Paramore lyrics as status update." - Brittany, 27

"Tweeted happy birthday to dead person." - Carl, 34

"Favorite celebrity blocked me on Twitter." - Iris, 33

"Political fights on Facebook with uncle." - Leia, 26

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