How Each Sign Should Celebrate Today's Historic Lunar Eclipse at 4:20

To celebrate the longest total lunar eclipse in a century, we compiled a list of the best weed strains for each sign to light up at 4:20 PM.

Jul 27 2018, 4:43pm

Friday's eclipse is the longest total lunar eclipse of the entire century and lucky for us, it arrives at exactly 4:20 PM! The eclipse is in Aquarius and Mercury is retrograde, meaning this eclipse will be begging us to look towards the future with innovation in mind, while Mercury encourages us to look back. Bumping into people from your past is likely today, but there’s one excellent way to avoid it: staying inside and getting high. Luckily, that’s exactly how Broadly’s astrologer Annabel Gat suggests we celebrate this rare lunar eclipse.

“During an eclipse, it's best to stay inside, rest, relax, meditate, and this eclipse has graciously decided to arrive on the East coast at 4:20 PM (so if you're on the West coast, you'll have to psychically tune into the 4:20 vibes three hours early),” she says. “I would advise against casting a spell during an eclipse, as the energies are wonky as hell, but a little ritual in our lives never hurt anyone.”

In honor of both the eclipse and its opportune arrival time, Gat has offered strain suggestions for each sign, not based on their traits, but instead on what will best equip them deal with the obstacles in their horoscopes this summer.

Fire Signs


Your summer is all about people from your past resurfacing, which can no doubt be stressful. You’re also finding yourself in a new crowd, so you’re going to need a strain that’s great for socializing and puts your anxiety to rest.

Suggested Strains: Killer Queen and Stardawg


You’re processing a lot this summer and much of that is reconsidering your approach to relationships and intimacy. You’re going to need a strain that encourages you to connect with others and communicate. Today is a good day to invite a special someone over to share a blunt. Just remember to take care of yourself too, and don’t neglect your rest.

Suggested Strains: Banana Kush and Lucky Charms


You’ve been reflecting on your beliefs and trying to be more mindful of the way you go about the world. Some goodbyes are on the way too so Gat suggests a strain that makes it easier to communicate to both others and yourself.

Suggested Strains: Hawaiian Punch and Banana Kush

Earth Signs


This eclipse is shaking up your professional life, but it may just be for the best if you can get through the challenges. In order to do that you're going to need to feel grounded and confident. For that, find strains that make you feel clear-headed and calm.

Suggested Strains: Cinex and Cannatonic


Sorry, Virgo, but this eclipse is going to shake up your schedule. Beware of overworking. You're going to want a strain that keeps you relaxed, collected, and focused to get through the day.

Suggested Strains: God's Gift and Snowcap


Your mind is in overdrive, Capricorn! This eclipse is pushing you to think about money and self-worth. Your going to need a strain that inspires creative solutions and the ability to overcome hardship.

Suggested Strains: Tutankhamon and Mother's Helper

Air Signs


You're thinking about your intimate relationships during today's eclipse and embarking on new territory. You've been wanting to learn new languages and travel more, so look for something that's going to leave you excited and motivated to communicate.

Suggested Strains: Bubbleberry and Orange Crush


Your mind is strategizing a new approach to dating, and luckily this eclipse is bringing romance and fun to your life! You'll want a strain that helps you relax and socialize.

Suggested Strains: Champagne Kush and Blue Goo


Your relationships with family and friends are on your mind this eclipse—be prepared for shifts. You're going to need something that encourages you to connect with others and communicate.

Suggested Strains: Super Silver Haze

Water Signs


Mercury urges us to look back, but you need to be focused on what's ahead. Look for a strand that allows you to be creative and choose what your mind fixates on. Your paying off debts so finding some focus is good!

Suggested Strains: ACDC and Harlequin


You're focused on home, family, and secrets from your childhood during this eclipse. You're going to want a strand that centers and grounds you in preparation of dealing with those issues.

Suggested Strains: Black Mamba and Raskal OG


You need rest to strengthen your mind right now. Lucky for you weed and rest go pretty well together. Look for both relaxing and calming indicas and sativas.

Suggested Strains: LA Confidential and Purple Urkle