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Facebook's Struggle to Moderate Two Billion People

The company has been criticized for allowing hate speech to proliferate, but it says it's doing everything it can to stop it.

by VICE Staff
Aug 29 2018, 7:15pm

Image: Chris Kindred

Facebook employs upwards of 7,000 people to look through posts and attempt to take down those that could incite violence or hate. But with two billion people swarming the platform every single day, the company is up against an unprecedented issue.

Motherboard Editor-in-Chief Jason Koebler and reporter Joseph Cox spent the last three months examining leaked internal documents, visiting the Facebook headquarters, and interviewing people inside and outside the company's operations, hoping to find out exactly how the social media giant is attempting to keep its platform healthy, while still allowing it to grow.

They found a task so Herculean that no amount of money, technology, or manpower has been able to provide a comprehensive solution to a problem that can influence our politics, mental health, and society as a whole.

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