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Hop Along Announce a Third Album, and Share Honest New Single "How Simple"

It's the first new track from the upcoming 'Bark Your Head Off, Dog,' due April 6 via Saddle Creek.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jan 23 2018, 2:49pm

Image by Tonje Thilesen via PR

Saddle Creek indie-rockers Hop Along, by the grace of whatever deity you believe in (or just like, the universe if you don't), make a return today: they've announced that they'll be releasing a third album entitled Bark Your Head Off, Dog on April 6. As an amuse-bouche, they've shared a new single called "How Simple."

As usual Frances Quinlan leads proceedings with a vocal and lyrics that revel in imperfection ("We were covered in each other's snot" somehow sounds beautiful here), told with a specificity that aches with truth, reverberating throughout the song. Lines that dwell on personal idiosyncrasies like "Think I should stop checking myself out / In the windows of cars" feel too real to have been fabricated, and the song is more affecting for it. Instrumentally, there's a nice build here, as the song swells to a rhythmic hook. In all, it's a thrill to have Hop Along, and their sweet, confessional brand of rock back. Listen to "How Simple" above.

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