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How New York is squashing Zika

by VICE News
Nov 5 2016, 8:00am

More than 4,000 cases of Zika have been reported in the continental United States. But that number could be much higher if Zika-carrying mosquitoes spread beyond Florida.

VICE News Tonight correspondent Arielle Duhaime-Ross followed the insecticide sprayers trying to stop mosquitos from bringing the disease to New York City

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a $21 million plan to expand mosquito control to prevent a future Zika outbreak in New York. With the new funding, health department workers have been coordinating with the police to disperse insecticide in at-risk areas.

New York has been through this before. In 1999, mosquitos carrying West Nile were discovered in the city, and the virus has killed at least 38 residents. Today, the city continues to use insecticides to prevent West Nile and now as a precaution against Zika.