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Trump finds Mueller-Comey connection "bothersome," four GOP senators have doubts about health bill, Arab states give Qatar list of 13 demands, and more.

Jun 23 2017, 2:33pm

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US News

Trump Finds Mueller-Comey Ties 'Bothersome'
President Trump has pointed to a friendship between special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey, describing it as "bothersome." In a Fox News interview set to air Friday, Trump said of Mueller: "Well, he's very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome." The president also complained that Mueller—who's investigating Russian election meddling and possible ties to the Trump campaign—has hired attorneys who "were all Hillary Clinton supporters."—The Hill

Four GOP Senators Express Concerns About Health Bill
Four Republican senators said they will not vote for their party's health care bill unless changes are made. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson released a joint statement saying the draft of the GOP bill, unveiled Thursday, was too similar to Obamacare. Barack Obama, meanwhile, attacked the bill as a "massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America."—CNN/VICE News

Bernie and Jane Sanders Hire Lawyers Over Bank Fraud Probe
Senator Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane are lawyering up. The couple retained attorneys Rich Cassidy and Larry Robbins after it became clear federal investigators were examining whether bank loans were obtained improperly while Jane Sanders was president of Burlington College, and whether Senator Sanders or his office might have been involved.—Politico Magazine

KKK Has 42 Active Groups Across the Nation
There are now 42 Ku Klux Klan and KKK-affiliated groups across the US, according to the latest report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The number of Klan groups has risen from the 37 reported last year. "The Ku Klux Klan movement is small and fractured, but it still poses a threat to society," said the ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt.—VICE News

International News

Arab States Give Qatar List of 13 Demands
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the UAE have sent Qatar a list of demands to be met before diplomatic ties can be restored. They want Qatar to close its broadcaster Al Jazeera, shutter a Turkish military base, cut alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups, and hand over wanted terrorists. Qatar is said to have ten days to comply.—Reuters

At Least 12 Killed in Quetta Car Bomb Attack
A suicide car bomb attack at a police checkpoint in the Pakistani city of Quetta has left at least 12 people dead and another 14 injured. The explosion took place next to the the provincial police chief's office, the likely target of the attack. A faction of the local Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least half a dozen cops.—Al Jazeera

British PM Gives EU Citizens Right to Stay After Brexit
Prime Minister Theresa May said around three million EU citizens living in the UK would be allowed to stay after Brexit. Anyone who had been living in the UK for five years or more would have the right to access health care and education under "UK settled status." German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the proposal was a "good start" to Brexit negotiations.—BBC News

North Korea Tests Rocket Engine, US Says
North Korea has conducted a rocket engine test that at least one anonymous American official said may have been part of ongoing efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of reaching the US.—Reuters

Everything Else

Johnny Depp Jokes About Assassinating the President
Actor Johnny Depp jokingly referred to actors assassinating presidents at a screening event at the Glastonbury Festival. "When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?…it has been a while and maybe it is time."—The Guardian

Colbert to Appear on Russian Talk Show
Stephen Colbert is set to appear on Russian late-night talk show Evening Urgant. Colbert tweeted President Trump a photo of himself in Saint Petersburg: "Don't worry, Mr. President. I'm in Russia. If the "tapes" exist, I'll bring you back a copy!"—CNN

Chance the Rapper Apologizes to Dr. Dre
Chance the Rapper has apologized to Dr. Dre and his label Aftermath Entertainment on Twitter, saying he was sorry for "publicly disrespecting their hard work and contributions to music."—XXL

Cosby Plans to Teach Kids About Sexual Assault
Bill Cosby's spokespeople said he plans to meet young people at a series of town hall events to educate them about being wrongfully accused of sexual assault. Ebonee Benson said "anything at this point can be considered sexual assault."—VICE

US Copyright Office Backs Right to Repair Products
In a major win for the "right to repair" movement, the US Copyright Office has recommended the government make it permanently legal to repair any products. Gay Gordon-Byrne, executive director of, called it "hugely encouraging."—Motherboard