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A certain president accused of sexual misconduct by 23 women is now mocking Joe Biden

Trump mocked the former veep at a GOP dinner and insisted socialists were targeting Biden

by Rex Santus
Apr 3 2019, 2:32pm

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It seemed like the pot calling the kettle black.

President Donald Trump, accused of sexual misconduct by as many as 23 women, mocked Joe Biden Tuesday night amid accusations that the former vice president had touched women in ways that made them uncomfortable.

Trump spoke at the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner, according to the Hill, and said that “socialists” were targeting Biden, who is widely expected to announce a 2020 presidential bid in an already crowded Democratic field. Two women had come forward at the time of the dinner, then two more did later that evening in the New York Times.

"We’re going into the war with some socialists," Trump said. "And it looks like the only non sort of heavy socialist, he’s being taken care of pretty well by the socialists.”

"They got to him," he added.

Trump said that he felt tempted to call Biden.

"I was going to call him," he continued. "I don't know him well. I was going to say, 'Welcome to the world, Joe. You having a good time, Joe? Are you having a good time?'"

No women have accused Biden, 76, of sexual assault or said he had sexual intent, unlike Trump, who was infamously heard on a tape that surfaced shortly before the 2016 election bragging about sexually assaulting women and grabbing them by their genitals without their consent.

Biden’s scandal broke Friday when former Nevada Democratic legislator Lucy Flores wrote in the New York Times that Biden kissed the back of her head as the two were about to go on stage at a 2014 campaign event. Then Monday an aide to a Connecticut congressman said Biden inappropriately touched her at a 2009 fundraiser, including rubbing noses with her.

Cover: President Donald Trump speaks at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual spring dinner in Washington, April 2, 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)