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Eytan Tobin, Internet Daughter, and Teddy Fantum Are the Torontronica Triforce on Their New Song "ESCAPE"

Escape from where, though? Toronto? New York? The mindless tedium of our daily lives?!

by Phil Witmer
Oct 28 2016, 4:25pm

It's about time that people recognized Toronto's affinity for club slappers that are heavier than some doom metal songs (luv u Electric Wizard). Bedroomer producers Eytan Tobin and Internet Daughter know this and they've recruited fellow Torontonian and XO affiliate Teddy Fantum for a sledgehammer of a new song called "ESCAPE." Fantum growls oddly philosophical lines like "What is life, baby / this is just a phase" then drops the incredible "need a doctor, need a priest / where is Dre, where is Mase?" Meanwhile, the production hits hard without clichéd use of hi-hats and 808s. Stream "ESCAPE" below and catch Bedroomer's Halloween show tonight in Toronto.

Phil is a Noisey Canada staff writer. He's on Twitter.