Kanye West: "Inspiring People Is the Definition of Success"

Kanye explains why he doesn't want to make music videos and why he's like Will Ferrell.
September 16, 2016, 2:33pm

Every time Kanye speaks, it's an engraving on the stone tablets of our souls. W magazine declared him one of their Modern Renaissance Royals (an extremely Yeezy turn of phrase, now that you think about it) and filmed an interview that packs an almost lewd amount of idiosyncrasy into less than three minutes. He says that he's tired of music videos and that he'd rather do things "using [his] mind." He also threatens to blow other people's minds with his eye lasers if they ever forget that he has a PhD in art. Seriously.

And in the latest of his movie analogies, Kanye says he is Will Ferrell's character from the 2004 holiday film Elf. "I make the toys," Kanye proclaims, sounding sort of like the main character from one of his two favourite films. If you're down with the 'Ye mindset this is worth a watch but those not fully converted might find more ammunition for whatever vendetta they may have against him. In any case, watch the interview here​ or below.

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