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Toronto Rockers Sights + Sounds Are an Alt/Punk Smoothie on New Song "Within My Reach"

That, or a Reese's cup of the two. Take your pick.

by Byron Yan
Sep 30 2016, 4:16pm

Toronto's own five-piece band Sights + Sounds are putting a spin on the alternative rock genre. In their new track "Within My Reach", the New Damage Records band blends aspects of punk into their alt rock sound. The band doesn't just have a familiar sounding vocalist, it's actually Andrew Neufeld of punk's lovechild band Comeback Kid. "Within My Reach" perfectly demonstrates how the band blends Andrew's aggressive and raspy vocals with a contrasting, subtle and bright singing over equally contrasting guitar tones.

"While in the process of writing a new album we came across this song. Its been a minute since our last release so our guitarist Adrian recorded it here in Toronto and we got our good friend, producer Eric Ratz to mix the track." vocalist Andrew Neufeld said, "It's a stripped back pop rock song filled with many nods to our predecessors." Listen to the track below.

Photo by Luke Truman.

Byron Yan is a writer living in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.