Nov 29 2010, 5:23pm

For a while TVTV was an anonymous collection of homemade video collages. I was obsessed and immediately subscribed to the Vimeo channel. The locations were mostly New York City, Pittsburgh, and Haiti. TVTV and I have walked similar paths in the city, and at some point my mind could only wonder, "who is TVTV???" Eventually Nicolas Atkins, the creator, put his name and email up on the site and that was wild.

The videos are a documentary of everyday sillies and sometimes sads, but mostly funnies. Nicolas says:

I have a family connection to a hospital in Haiti, so I would go there pretty often and help out ever since I was like 15. After the earthquake I moved there long term to work with kids and handicapped people making art and playing sports. I think it's pretty tight there, besides all the tragedy, and there are pretty much NO RULES. Plus it feels good to be helping people who appreciate it.

I'm headed back to Haiti in December to work on a new art project for six months so there should be some new and interesting TVTV footage coming up soon.

And Press and The Holster came together and published the new TVTV book, which goes into detail about their first 52 videos. The layout is really fastidious. The first video was all footage shot from 2009. The tracks are pretty much bomb and they are all listed in the book with the time code, along with a description of the event, location, and miscellaneous side notes.

If you're in Miami tonight, TVTV is having a screening at Wow Bar Space at 9pm. So you should go to that. If you're not in Miami right now but will be for Basel, be on the lookout for a TVTV screening with OHWOW.

Lastly, here's a TVTV video and some pictures of the book.


TVTV Screening
Wow Bar Space
28 NE 14 St. Miami

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