Nov 22 2006, 3:11pm

Notes on Breakcore is a warts-and-all rave-doc about the international breakcore scene starring a lot of badly dressed men with terrible haircuts talking about a style of electronic dance music that, when played at high volume, is the kind of savage racket that's used to gently coax answers out of inmates at Guantanemo Bay (well, they've used Throbbing Gristle live albums in there in the past).

Breakcore is the bastard hate child of jungle, happy hardcore, techno, electronica, acid house, ragga, electro and dub...

When it's done well, by nutjobs like Venetian Snares for instance, it can be the most euphoric music in the world. Venetian Snares, who releases about five albums a year, is the guy who says, "Everyone else in this documentary is a fucking twat" at the end of the clip. While that's not entirely untrue, it will take a lot for the impartial viewer to sit through an hour of dreadlocked crusties trying to explain why Bong Ra is one of the baddest breakcore producers around.

But, like drum'n'bass and hard house, breakcore just gets on with doing what it does and manages to be insanely popular all over the world. London's Bangface massive do a monthly party where things really kick off. You should go.

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