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Hillary Clinton Wants the Government to Launch an Investigation Against Martin Shkreli's Company

The Democratic frontrunner called on the FDA and FTC to look into the pharmaceutical exec famous for jacking up the price of AIDS medication.
October 20, 2015, 5:43pm

Photo via Flickr user Marc Nozell

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Poor, poor, pitiful Martin Shkreli. The Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO who made headlines last month for hiking up the price of HIV medication 5,000 percent has since become one of the most despised men on the internet. (Donald Trump called him "a zero" and said he "looks like a spoiled brat.") This week Shkreli tried to donate $2,700 to Bernie Sanders's presidential campaign only to have his donation refused; he followed that up by declaring on Twitter he punched a wall so hard in rage that he broke his wrist, only to have people accuse him of lying about the injury.

Now it appears that Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton wants to get in on the anti-Shkreli dogpile. On Monday, Clinton wrote letters to the FDA and the FTC calling on them to launch an investigation into the "egregious actions of Turing," Reutersreports.

Clinton called on the agencies to "study and make recommendations on whether and how our laws might be amended to address [price gouging in the pharmaceutical industry]" and figure out a way to import cheaper generic drugs into the US.

Clinton previously spoke out against Turing, saying that no one should "have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent."

Turing didn't respond to Reuters's requests for comment.