VICE Screens Upcoming Historic Criminal Justice Special at El Reno Correctional Facility for Inmates

Photos from the viewing of our special report 'Fixing the System' on Wednesday.

by Matthew Horowitz and Aidan Sheldon
Sep 23 2015, 7:44pm

VICE is exploring America's prison system in the week leading up to our special report with President Obama for HBO. Tune in Sunday, September 27, at 9 PM EST, to see his historic first-ever presidential visit to a federal prison.

Fixing the System, VICE on HBO's special report on the American criminal justice system, was screened earlier today at El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma for a group of inmates. In attendance were the six inmates who met with President Obama this past July—the first time in history that a sitting president has visited a federal prison. We spoke to various inmates and captured their reactions below.

"We are capable of change." —David Shaw - Edinburg, Texas

Q: If you could tell VICE's audience anything, what would you say? A: Keep an open mind. —Johnny Harris - Oklahoma City

"We all have families out there and they are doing this time with us." —Inmate at FCI El Reno

We asked three inmates who had met the president what the experience had been like. They all agreed it had been surreal.

"This country is about second chances." —Jesus Chavez - El Paso, Texas

"I have hopes of creating a youth outreach program or community center for teens once I get out." —Timothy Jordan - Mclean, Texas